“To go forwards, we first need to take a step back. To end all wars, we need to make a bigger one.” – Max

In the not so distant future, the world is split into two huge blocks formed by two nations: TheNewState and TheNation. Based on innovative capitalist theories the two factions are in the midst of a cold war- battling for the economic control of the world.

Fighting this conflict are the TIMEDs; beings who possess extraordinary abilities but are condemned to death by their very own powers. Once their powers emerge, their lives are inversely proportional to their strength.



The economics which make up the foundation of the NewState provide for a capitalism that maintains its fundamental characteristics but which, unlike in its roots, takes the progressive decline of resources into account.

Technological innovations such as new fuels and automated security systems are at the heart of this economic structure. this kind of capitalism is thriving in western countries such as the United States; Sweden; Norway; Finland; Japan and central European countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom; France and Russia.  



The economic structure at the base of TheNation takes global wealth and resources per capita into account and believes that redisribution of these would provdide greater economic stability.

In the cities affiliated with TheNation’s network, having a guaranteed minimum income has been realised- meaning that everyone can afford the necessities and at least one cell phone. The countries that adhere to this economic structure are of different geographic locations such as Spain and the developing countries such as Brazil and across Africa.